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TeamBrunner has been acquired by PMD

Progressive Marketing Dynamics (PMD) www.pmdusa.com an integrated marketing company that delivers premium advertising products and services to automobile dealerships has acquired TeamBrunner Consulting (TBC) www.teambrunner.com. PMD created in 1983 by Joe Levine a former Chevrolet dealer, works in all mediums including print, web design, radio, television and direct mail. The firm will organize into six integrated business groups, Marketing, Training, Consulting, Sales and Acquisitions, Human Resources and Services. Mr. Brunner a 35-year veteran of the industry has spent the past 6 years as a consultant, managing all aspects of dealership sales and acquisitions including buy-sell management and business valuations. Before consulting Mr. Brunner who is also an attorney, was a multi-franchised automobile dealer for over 25 years.

TeamBrunner in addition to dealership brokering, established a new process for employee recruiting, screening and hiring. Rather than using, traditional headhunting or employment agency methods, TBC facilitate the dealerships hiring process providing advance tools to ensure a thorough, yet cost effective result. Consulting engagements have included profit improvement, market studies, continuous improvement team development, management effectiveness and Balanced Scorecard implementation.

Mr. Brunner with his unique industry experience will serve as executive vice president connecting the PMD business groups with automotive clients.  For information on how PMD can serve your dealership contact Bill Brunner by email at billb@pmdusa.com or 973-334-3450.


William R. Brunner, Esq.

William R. Brunner leads the firm designed to provide 360 degree consulting to dealerships during these challenging times. As an attorney, engineer and former car dealer he brings over 30 years of experience to sales and acquisitions as well as personnel and Profit Improvement Planning.


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